Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR)

Kauderer & Associates is certified by Bosch/Vetronix to operate the Crash Data Retrieval System and analyze the obtained data.

The airbag control module (ACM) is the vehicle’s “computer” responsible for controlling various vehicle safety systems such as seatbelt pre-tensioners and airbags. This is often referred to incorrectly in the media as a “black box.” Some vehicles with airbags may have an event data recorder (EDR). We use the CDR System to collect and preserve information contained in the event data recorder.

The recorded data depends on the vehicle year, make, and model.  It may include, but is not limited to the following:

Brake switch circuit status (approx. 5-8 seconds before impact)
Behicle speed (approx. 5 seconds before impact)
Engine speed (approx. 5 seconds before impact))
Throttle position (approx. 5 seconds before impact)
State of driver’s seat belt switch (On/Off)
State of passenger seat belt switch (On/Off)
Passenger’s airbag enabled or disabled state (On/Off).  This may indicate the presence of a passenger.
Airbag Warning Lamp status (On/Off)
Time from vehicle impact to airbag deployment
Maximum change in velocity (ΔV)
Accessible Ford power-train control modules can contain up to 25 seconds of data